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Frequently asked questions about the renovation work being undertaken 

on the the former Drummond Arms Hotel

1. Why don’t you just knock down the building?


The simple answer is that we can't! It's a protected, Grade B, Listed Building. 

Consent for demolition of a listed building is only granted in exceptional circumstances. 

We have not yet exhausted all the efforts needed to demonstrate "exceptional circumstances''. The bar to be granted the right to demolish a building is set very high, especially for a Grade A or B listing. 

However, everything we are doing is being recorded and could be used to build the demolition case one day if necessary. All the work that has been undertaken so far, including the soft strip out, asbestos removal and securing the structure would have to be done in the same way even if the building were going to be demolished. 


2. Why are you throwing good money after bad, if it might well be demolished anyway?  


All the money invested in the process and everything which has been done so far would have to be done, even in the event of a demolition

3. How much has actually been spent on the Drummond Arms so far?

Phase 1 - Invested by DARL to survey the building, make

safe, purchase RBS and 60% strip out works 2019 - 2023


Phase 2 - Estimated investment needed from DARL for

partial demolitions of outbuildings and to make good listed 


Phase 3 - Estimated investment needed from developer to 

deliver operational hotel

 4. Why is it taking so long?


If support from Perth & Kinross Council, Historic Environment Scotland and potentially Scottish Ministers were forthcoming to demolish the former Drummond Arms Hotel, the costs associated with a demolition from the point we are now at would be around £2m. We are only now able to properly establish this cost, having spent the last 18 months working on site. This has uncovered, not only the very poor internal condition of the building, which makes working inside very difficult, but hugely increased levels of asbestos materials. 


5. Why are Crieff Community Trust and Drummond Arms Regeneration Ltd so intent on rescuing this old building? 


The historic associations of the building and the quality of the architecture contribute to the economy and cultural heritage of Crieff. The Drummond Arms Hotel is an iconic building and landmark right in the centre of Crieff and is visible throughout the town. It is worth saving and could be part of the regeneration of the whole town centre if brought back into use in some way.


A further relevant question would be - what would we envisage would take the place of the Drummond Arms  in this prime part of the town?  Are we confident that a new building or a car park would make a better contribution to the town than the existing building if we can restore it?

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